Company Overview
Power House is a fast growing provider of Temporary and Permanent Power Solutions with a wide range of products to offer that can cater to all walks of power requirements. We are located in Dubai, Fujairah, Singapore currently and are expanding in to Kuwait, Kenya, India and Indonesia shortly. We specialize in Diesel Generators, Load Banks and Turbine Installations. We also provide project management, engineering and technical assistance to a whole spectrum of industries.
Power needs of all sizes and shapes, from temporary, single-site power to base load-scale, multi-megawatt power for regional grids.
Fleet of Diesel Generators ranging from 10kVA to 2000kVA, suitable for 50/60Hz operation.
Super Sound Attenuated, Fuel Efficient and Low mission.
Generators are capable of load sharing and synchronizing and island mode as well as the utility grid.
Portable generators ideal for use in the construction and contracting industries.
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